Domino POP3 Collect Add-In Task

The POP3 Collect add-in task for IBM Domino reads messages from one or more POP3 servers and sends them to the Domino server or any other SMTP Server (Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail, etc). It is written entirely in Java to support all Domino versions (since 8.5) and processor architectures (32-bit, 64-bit and 128-bit) on all platforms. … Read more

Domino Server Statistic Inspector (StatInspector)

The Domino Server Statistic Inspector (StatInspector) is a small server Java addin, which monitors the server statistics based on user definable probe documents and creates alert documents when needed. Background During its execution, the Domino server maintains a large number of statistic values, which can be displayed either with the “Show Statistic” console command or … Read more