Publish IBM Domino Contact Birthdays in iCalendar Format

Inspired by an article from Mat Newman, I have created a small enhancement for the users mail database. It consists of two Notes design elements (one view and one Java agent) which publishes the contact birthdays in the iCalendar format (RFC 5545). This allows the user to show the birthdays of IBM Notes contacts on any platform which … Read more

Publish IBM Domino Calendar Entries in iCalendar Format

Inspired by an article from Mat Newman, I have created a small enhancement for the users mail database. It consists of two Notes design elements (one view and one Java agent) which publishes the user calendar entries (appointments, anniversaries, all day events, meetings and reminders) in the iCalendar format (RFC 5545). This allows the user to show … Read more

Support SSL/TLS Java connections with RSA >2048 on IBM Domino

When executing Java code on the Domino server to connect to an SSL/TLS site, you may encounter errors, such as The problem is that the IBM Domino server (at least up to 9.0.1 FP3) ships with default Java policies which prevents SSL/TLS connections using certificates with RSA higher than 2048 bits. The solution is simple: … Read more

Troublehooting POP3 Collect connection problems

Problem The Domino server POP3 Collect addin shows the error Cause The POP3 Collect addin Java task is unable to establish a connection to the configured POP3 server. Solution Check if the Domino server running the POP3 Collect task is able to connect to the POP3 server. This can be done by executing the «telnet» … Read more

Manage multiple Java versions in Mac OS X

Apple does no longer provide Java Runtime Environments (JRE) or Java Development Kits (JDK) for Mac OS X. The last JRE from Apple was version 1.6 (Java 6). If you need newer Java versions (e.g. for Eclipse Luna), you can install newer JREs and JDKs from Oracle directly from their website The Mac OS … Read more

Create email message with a specific sender under IBM Domino

Normally, when an agent sends a message under Domino, the sender field is set to the signer of the Domino agent. There are tons of articles in the Internet about this topic, but I could not find a complete solution. When you issue Document.send(), the „From“ field of the email message is overwritten with the … Read more

Show used SSL/TLS certificates for a given server

If you need to check which SSL/TLS certificates a given server is using, you may issue the „openssl“ command in Mac OS X. Example: In this example, the openssl command does an SSL connect to port 995 to the host and will output among many other things the certificate (Thawte) used. This information may … Read more

Java Tip: Call the Java Garbage Collector when needed

For long running Java code, which makes heavy use of dynamic memory, you may end up with out-of-memory errors due to a memory shortage of the heap space. The following code may be added to regularly test the free Java heap space. If the heap space is used more then 90 percent, then the Java … Read more

JAddin – Java Toolkit for IBM Domino Server Add-in

Do you need to write an add-in for IBM Domino server in Java? The JAddin framework is a thin and easy to use layer between the Domino RunJava task and your Java application code. It helps you to create Java server tasks by freeing you to learn all the Domino add-in specifics, such as message … Read more

Domino POP3 Collect Add-In Task

The POP3 Collect add-in is no longer under active development and support. Please see the replacement project: Squirrel – The Internet Mail Collector for IBM Domino