Domino Server Statistic Inspector (StatInspector)

The Domino Server Statistic Inspector (StatInspector) is a small server Java addin, which monitors the server statistics based on user definable probe documents and creates alert documents when needed.


During its execution, the Domino server maintains a large number of statistic values, which can be displayed either with the „Show Statistic“ console command or thru the Domino Administrator client. The standard Domino Monitoring Configuration database events4.nsf allows some triggering based on these server statistics. Together with the configuration database, this small Domino server addin allows the Domino administrator to monitor all server statistics and to define simple or complex conditions when an alert document should be created.



  • Open Source / „This software shall be used for Good, not Evil.“


  • This project is hosted on GitHub. You are welcome to join the development of this project.
  • Please send all questions, bugs, feedback or enhancement requests to Thank you