Automatic Re-Sync of Domino DAOS Catalog

For a proper operation, the Domino DAOS catalog should always be in „SYNCHRONIZED“ state. If for any reason the state changes to „NEEDS RESYNC“, you need to enter the console command

Tell DAOSMgr ReSync

To make sure the DAOS catalog is always synchronized, just create a program document in the Domino Directory as follows:


If the DAOS catalog is already in a clean state, nothing will happen:

25.08.2015 01:00:39   Running Program document for 'DAOSMgr ReSync'
25.08.2015 01:00:40   DAOSMGR: DAOS Manager started
25.08.2015 01:00:40   DAOSMGR: Forwarding request to daosmgr task, see console for results
25.08.2015 01:00:40   DAOSMGR: DAOS Manager shutdown complete
25.08.2015 01:00:41   DAOSMGR: Resync started
25.08.2015 01:00:41   DAOSMGR: Resync completed